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Layer of grime and dirt, dim or dusty headlights on your car can dramatically reduce their effectiveness and hamper visibility. Headlights eventually become dull and discoloured due to UV, heat and oxidation damage resulting in poor visibility and potential MOT failure.

Professional Mobile Headlight Restoration Service.

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Replacing headlights can be very expensive both in purchase and fitting.
We can save you money and give you better visibility at night by extending the life of your lenses.
We will remove all damage from UV, heat and oxidation before polishing to a high standard and apply a clear coat to protect against the elements in the future making them look as good as new again. Our mobile team can offer you on-site services anywhere in Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, Melton Mowbray and surrounding areas.

Prices from £30 Per Headlight



We follow eco-friendly procedures to repair or refurbish all types of alloys.

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The SMART Process

Our expert technicians firstly remove the wheel from your car and clean the face of the wheel before deflating the tyre. The bead will then be broken to allow the tyre to be pushed back from the rim enabling the specific area to be repaired using various techniques before it is then primed in order to prevent corrosion. The wheel will then be baked under infra-red lighting and the primer is then flatten out to ensure a perfectly smooth finish. The wheel is then wet sprayed usually the original OEM colour or a colour of your choice. Baked under the infra-red lighting again before having the clear coat added to give it that extra protection and shiny finish. Baked under the infra-red lighting for the last time ensuring it is completely dry before the tyre is inflated and finally refitted back to your car.

Lease Car Returns

Lease car ready for its return to a dealership or lease company. Why wait to be charged for any damage that may have occurred. If your wheels are damaged let RAW Wizard come to you, save you money, time and convenience. We can repair the damage at a fraction of the cost you would be charged on returning your vehicle.

We Can Restore And Repair:

  • Alloy wheels
  • Buckled Wheels
  • Cracked Wheels
  • Diamond Cut Wheels
  • Powder Coated Wheels
  • Brake callipers 
  • Headlights

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Contact our SMART repair technicians for detailed information about how this technology works.

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